Good luck spells

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good luck spells

Wiccan good luck spell

This Wiccan good luck spell will give your luck an extra push. Use it to boost your luck on anything that you were trying to accomplish in your life. Find it here.

materials and supplies

three orange or gold candles
a pen
a piece of paper

Timing: cast this spell during the waxing or full moon, when there is an abundance of manifesting energy.Don’t forget, this spell may bring you luck in unexpected ways, so remain open minded. Your luck will always manifest for the highest good on your true path. Keep your eyes open for opportunities and perhaps unexpected abundance.



Good luck Herb Jar

If you like working with herbal magic, then check out this good luck herb jar! This magic spell can turn a bad luck streak around or just attract good luck in general. Herbs are very powerful and easy to use. Collect the following magical herbs and imbue them with your intention. If you can't find all of them don't worry. Even a combination of only some of these herbs can be very effective. However, do not substitute with other herbs unless you are sure that they have the appropriate magical properties.

Materials and supplies

Buckthorn Bark
Huckleberry Leaves
Irish Moss
Job's Tears
High John the Conqueror
Lucky Hand root
Mojo Wish Bean
Nutmeg Peony Root
Queen of the Meadow
Rose Hips
Sacred Bark
Star Anise
Tonka Bean

Timing: The waxing or full moon

Spell casting:

Collect all of the ingredients and place them into the jar
Seal the jar tightly. place your hands upon the jar each morning and chant:

To god and goddess do I pray
Guide me through another day
Let good fortune come my way
Good luck hither now I say

Visualize positive energy, good luck, and abundance and send this intention into the jar.
Shake the jar and place it in a sacred space.


Money energy for magic lottery spell

So before casting lottery spells, people need to be connected to money energies. This is done by performing certain rituals. I can perform such rituals, too. However, before that, to explain to you why you’ve been losing, I’m going to need to carry out magic diagnostics. It allows me to identify your karmic or energy problem, and helps understand which magic rituals will let me solve it. 

So, your karma is clean, meaning I can start casting my win the lottery spells on you. I cast spells quickly and professionally. However, don’t expect to hit the jackpot the next day. Magic will take effect within a few weeks or even months. Only after that your chances of winning will rise dramatically.